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How OpenSesame Helped University Eliminate Rogue L&D Spending

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The coronavirus pandemic forced universities to close their campuses and send students and professors home. But the realities of maintaining a large campus, buildings, and infrastructure meant that many essential staff stayed on the job, working as hard — or harder — than ever. This is the situation one of the country's most highly regarded research universities found itself in. The University remained committed to educating, training, and enriching its 3,500 staff members whether classes were in session or not. That commitment led a Management Analyst in the University's Facilities Maintenance department to engage OpenSesame to provide content for the facilities staff. It's a decision that would ultimately result in a 30% cost reduction in the training costs per learner. Decentralized Training Inflates Costs Employee training programs in university settings are often distributed and decentralized, with each department procuring its own content. The distributed training culture may stem from the sheer diversity of a university's workforce and each department's vastly different training needs. "Each department is autonomous, researching and implementing its own training programs," explains the Management Analyst. "In the Facilities Maintenance department, for example, we look for different curricula than the Accounting department or the IT department." Pool Resources and Eliminate Overlap The Facilities Maintenance group has been using OpenSesame for over a year, working with an OpenSesame Customer Success Manager to curate the courses best suited to the staff. Research University Consolidates Employee Training Spend for a 30% Cost Reduction "With OpenSesame we can reduce the cost per learner by 30%." Management Analyst, Research University Challenge Multiple content curation efforts led to costly duplication, inflating the cost per learner. Solution By extending access to the OpenSesame catalog to all staff members, the University lowered the cost per learner and eliminated overhead. Results • Cost per learner cut by 30% • Eliminated redundant content contract for a $20k annual savings • Single content provider streamlines administrative tasks for departments Customer Research University Industry Education

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