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Bunzl North America Eliminates $120K in Rogue Spend with OpenSesame Industry Challenge Solution Results Wholesale Distribution Multiple LMS and content curation efforts led to costly duplication. OpenSesame's extensive library of courses meets the needs of every department, allowing the company to centralize on one solution and save money. • Consolidation saves $70k annually • All L&D spending is centrally managed, minimizing chances for rogue spend • Enterprise-wide visibility into learning & training initiatives • Single content provider streamlines administrative tasks for departments With 200 locations throughout North America and Europe employing nearly 19,000 personnel, Bunzl North America generates revenues in excess of $12 billion annually. The company continually invests in learning and development (L&D) opportunities with the goal of recruiting and retaining a skilled and engaged workforce. Still, in an organization this large and distributed, it's common for such initiatives to be decentralized, which can lead to unnecessary duplicate spending. Continually on the hunt for efficiency gains, Bunzl North America is in the process of consolidating its content curation with OpenSesame and expects the move will save it $70,000 annually. Bunzl North America's Human Resources (HR) department began working with OpenSesame several months ago, rolling out the solution to 3,000 employees. The initial implementation was so successful that the company's Talent Director began planning to make the solution available to an additional 5,000 personnel. During this time, the Talent Director discovered that several other departments and locations had invested in their own LMS applications and were purchasing their own curricula independently. "We were unaware that this was happening," she said. "Each department has their own training goals and independently they were making the L&D buying decisions. Without a coordinated effort, you can end up with duplication, overlap, and rogue spend." The Talent Director's research revealed that the company's Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) department was using two separate LMS applications and several content providers to provide the breadth of training needed, as well as to support multiple languages. The total annual cost for the department's training came in at over $80,000. "As it turns out, the teams found the applications difficult to use and the content lacking," she added. "They were spending a lot of money but not getting a good return on that investment." Distributed Initiatives Fed Rogue Spend Duplication Proved Costly With one LMS and OpenSesame as our exclusive content vendor, we expect to save $70,000 each year." Talent Director, Bunzl North America 1

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