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Simplified eLearning for a Multinational Corporation 1 Challenge Industry Solution Results Technology Leveraging the partnership with OpenSesame, Toshiba was able to deploy content in multiple languages to employees around the globe, allowing workers to login and access information all in one place. With OpenSesame's extensive training marketplace, Toshiba created succession and development programs in different languages for its global workforce. • Increase in content deployment • Creation of succession and development programs for employees • Centralized LMS and globally accessible marketplace for elearning content • Deliver courses to thousands of new employees around the world • Consolidate multiple LMS systems into one comprehensive solution • Identify broad, high quality content for new leadership programs A newly acquired division of Toshiba streamlined their employee training with the OpenSesame content marketplace. Joyce Holmes, Global Manager for Learning and Development for Toshiba Global Commerce (TGCS), started the process of selecting a Learning Management System (LMS) and curating new elearning content she faced a steep challenge. Toshiba had just purchased the new division and was experiencing a typical, but massive obstacle of such a large acquisition: providing learning content that met the needs of a workforce spread across 40 different countries. In building out their L&D program, Holmes faced the typical difficulties in selecting, organizing, and implementing digital training materials, but with the added complexity of curating and managing content in different languages. In addition, she wanted to select an LMS that would make it easy to navigate between courses and manage any updates from one place. According to Holmes, the new division had different technologies in place for performance, specific learning courses, and HR compliant courses. Holmes was determined to streamline operations by working with just one company––rather than engaging with a multitude of LMS vendors and content providers. "I was the only HR learning and development person in the Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TGCS) division," she says. "When I joined the company the learning state, put bluntly, was nonexistent." A blend of cultures Finding one LMS vendor with global reach Broad, high-quality content in one place. We needed to give raw, brand new content at an economical base out to our employees." Joyce Holmes, Global Manager for Learning and Development for Toshiba Global Commerce OpenSesame's catalog contains more than 35,000 off-the-shelf elearning courses from industry-leading content publishers, covering the categories that organizations need. Toshiba was able take advantage of certification courses--on the right topics and with enough depth to assist employee development initiatives. OpenSesame A comprehensive course library to meet the needs of a global company

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