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2 To learn more, visit us at or contact us at (503) 808-1268 To learn more, visit us at or contact us at (503) 808-1268 2 With OpenSesame, Toshiba has also been able to integrate training and development of existing talent of new team members. When the Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS) division added 3000 employees, Holmes needed to economically serve new content to those employees. This division was using a different LMS, but OpenSesame content was able to integrate across the different platforms until they were able to consolidate. "We are using OpenSesame to build synergies within the two corporations," says Holmes. "The results, so far, have included more courses, expanded relationships, depth of information, and language." Between the diversity of content available to global employees, including job-specific certifications and language training, and the ongoing Since the implementation of the OpenSesame solution, the new Global Commerce Solutions division at Toshiba has seen impressive results. "I've been able to release a tremendous amount of content to my team and they've been able to access it very quickly," says Holmes. "The OpenSesame team has also helped us build our first leadership program, transitioning people from the old company into the new Toshiba program." She states they were able to launch, measure and iterate their new program quickly, while continuing to develop their L&D strategy for the broader organization. Solving global integration issues Speeding publication of high-quality content When I came across OpenSesame, they gave me easy opportunities to work with one company and find content throughout the world" Joyce Holmes, Global Manager for Learning and Development for Toshiba Global Commerce was also able to support Toshiba's more specialized needs that extended beyond currently available courses. "They have actually sourced content for us when we needed customized content," says Holmes. technical support, OpenSesame streamlined content curation processes and course management at Toshiba. "OpenSesame has been one of the most successful and easiest teams I've ever worked with in my life," says Holmes. "And I spent almost seven years in procurement, so that's saying a lot."

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