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Meet the OpenSesame Exclusive Publishers OpenSesame Exclusive merges our curation and content expertise with the production value of the world's top elearning content creators to create courses that are only available from OpenSesame. Meet the publishers: Ally Safety CONSTRUCTION AND WORKPLACE SAFETY Ally Safety was created to make safety training entertaining by demonstrating rather than telling, exploring rather than just explaining, and replaces zoning out for tuning in!The training is led by Rachel Walla-Housman, CSP, CIH, a Certified Safety Professional and Certified Industrial Hygienist who has more than 10 years of industry experience in leading safety. Amplify Voices LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT SKILLS Amplify Voices is a media production company founded on the leadership principles of Pete Carroll, where caring meets performance. Amplify Voices amplifies diverse and inclusive leaders through content that expands minds and opens hearts by addressing purpose, Leadership, mental health & well-being, education, and more. Amplify Voices is a collection of essential discussions for leaders, management, HR, and entrepreneurs. Axonify DEI, CUSTOMER SERVICE, FRONTLINE SAFETY, SALES Axonify offers high-quality, interactive, micro-courses that fit into the flow of work and encourage knowledge retention. Delivering knowledge in smaller bites more often helps learners easily recall information when they need it on the job. Axonify's comprehensive library of micro-courses have been built for key verticals such as Retail, Grocery, Contact Centers, Financial Services, and Distribution. Coaching Culture COACHING AND MANAGEMENT, DEVELOPMENT Coaching Culture makes coaching more approachable and accessible to all. Content focuses on all aspects of coaching including tips for individual contributors or first-time leaders. They design, develop, and deliver digital solutions that include their Mindset software, a Coaching Lessons e-learning course, 360-degree feedback and Employee Engagement tools. Their course library includes powerful courses on communication, coaching for non-coaches, and personal development. Breaking Barriers United ACCOUNTABILITY, CONFLICT RESOLUTION Breaking Barriers United, led by Officer Ryan Tillman, provides training based on years of frontline experience in law enforcement. These lessons for law enforcement and others who work with the public provide advice for de-escalating tense situations, working effectively with the public, reducing bias, and other techniques for building and maintaining positive relationships. High-quality, fast-paced video training includes real-life examples and video footage to make the lessons come to life. 1

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