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Healthy Minds Program STRATEGY, PROCESS IMPROVEMENT, TEAM-BUILDING Healthy Minds Innovations is a global leader in translating science into tools to cultivate well-being. All courses are based on a scientific framework for understanding how human flourishing is a skill that can be practiced through meditation and other forms of mental training. HSI - ej4 PRODUCTIVITY, CYBERSECURITY, CUSTOMER SERVICE Focused on delivering the unexpected in elearning, ej4's award-winning microlearning courses combine modern instructional design and adult learning theories with an effective, easily-digestible video format. The short, to-the-point courses use live narration and creative graphics to engage learners, improving information retention. Many courses are available with French, German, and Spanish closed captions to ensure your organization has access to fresh, relevant content that meets the needs of your diverse workforce. Lumofy BUSINESS SKILLS, COMPLIANCE, SAFETY, DEI Lumofy is an emerging leader in accelerating capability building initiatives in organizations. With +1700 bilingual (Arabic\English) learning items on core, cross-functional, and functional competencies aimed to implement the right interventions and build needed skills in learners. All Learning items have engaging features, including interactive elements that capture learners' attention, ensure skill development, and enable behavior change. All learning items are built tablet-friendly to be suitable for use on various smart devices. Lumofy's unique competency-based learning offers organizations relevant, gamified and bite-sized learning items to develop and assess employees' capabilities and minimize skills gap in organizations to grow together. Ideas for Leaders COMMUNICATION, LEADERSHIP, TEAMWORK Ideas for Leaders reviews the latest research from the world's top business schools and distills that information into concise, actionable Ideas. These ideas kick-start conversations about how people can change, develop and make organizations better places to work – and work better. Dr. Roger Firestien CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING, BUSINESS, LEADERSHIP Dr. Roger Firestien has taught more people to lead the creative process than anyone else in the world. All courses use real - life examples, backed by solid research and provide practical skills to become deliberately creative. Activities after the video lessons are designed to extend the viewers' learning to help them apply their newly acquired Creative Problem-Solving skills in their professional or personal lives. His courses cover topics such as Innovation, Creative Problem-Solving, Leadership, Creativity, Business, & Education. Integrity Training TECHNOLOGY, CERTIFICATION TEST PREPARATION Integrity Training has been upskilling IT and development teams as well as business professionals across a wide range of topics for 12+ years. Over 1.4 million students later, we continue to offer one of the broadest IT catalogs around, with a focus on expert trainers and high quality teaching. Integrity Training has IT certification courses across many topics such as cyber security, cloud computing, networking, blockchain and more. We also cover nearly every programming language that is in regular use across the globe. Everything Is On the Record BUSINESS, TECHNOLOGY, SOCIAL MEDIA Everything Is On The Record brings relevant and timely instruction about the power and hazards of social media use for individuals and organizations. Ric Bucher of Fox Sports and Brian Berger, host of Sports Business Radio, bring their years of experience working with professional athletes and sports teams to help leaders, managers, and employees understand social media. FutureThink INNOVATION, PROCESS IMPROVEMENT FutureThink quickly builds the skills that matter most RIGHT NOW. Their accelerated, flexible learning solutions engage teams, help build business faster, and create a culture of collaboration from anywhere. FutureThink's courses and workshops have helped transform teams from Pfizer, Google, Merck, and Airbnb. 2

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