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Pronto Spanish SPANISH FUNDAMENTALS FOR INDUSTRIES Pronto Spanish Services, a national provider of occupational language training materials, seeks to connect learners with the right tools, on their own time, and at their own pace. From online courses and eTextbooks, the company works with businesses and their employees to address Spanish and English Language Learner instructional needs across 14 different industries. Real Projects BUSINESS, INFORMATION SECURITY, RISK MANAGEMENT With interactive exercises, animations, audio narration, and quizzes, every Real Projects course is an engaging and empowering learning experience. Courses take about 20 minutes to complete, and are designed for both desktop and mobile devices. Real Projects has helped some of the UK's largest companies develop their employees by providing courses aimed to deliver the critical content that learners need. RW3 CultureWizard DEI, INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCE, LEADERSHIP RW3 CultureWizard's award-winning, immersive courses contain unique learning models that are immediately actionable and cover the widest range of intercultural and D&I topics available today. Utilizing anonymized data from proprietary assessments RW3 CultureWizard helps organizations tailor programs specific to the organization's identified needs. Safety Instruct SAFETY, COMPLIANCE, TECHNOLOGY Through interactive, high-quality curriculum, Safety Instruct helps your employees train faster and retain information longer. Each customized course features real workers in real environments — a proven approach to enhancing employee connection and comprehension. Choose from more than 200 courses on topics spanning safety, business skills, compliance, and several industry-specific competencies. Safety Instruct can help you solve workplace challenges now and in the future. Bring training to life with Safety Instruct — in partnership with OpenSesame. Shatterproof ADDICTION, LIFESTYLE, MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS Shatterproof's Addiction Education series is an online learning tool for general addiction education. Anonymous, self-paced, and mobile enabled, it offers short lessons that can transform lives. Participants learn the risk factors for addiction, how to protect themselves and those they care about, and how to identify the signs of addiction and help those in need. Soundview BOOK SUMMARIES, LEADERSHIP, MANAGEMENT Soundview Executive Book Summaries® pioneered the concept of condensing the key points and ideas found in full-length business books into easy-to-read text and quick-listen audio summaries, helping professionals save both time & money while increasing their business intelligence and recall. The Dagoba Group DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION, BUSINESS SKILLS The Dagoba Group is an integrated global Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement consulting practice with specialties in Unconscious Bias, Work-Life Balance, Leadership Dynamics, and Client Engagement. With over 20 years of experience working across 5 continents, we help leaders take tangible next steps to enhance inclusion and optimize teams. Our best-selling book, The Inclusion Dividend, is leveraged as a leading guide for corporations and universities worldwide. The Nova Collective DEI, WELLNESS, BUSINESS SKILLS Nova believes that everyone deserves to work in an inclusive environment where they can thrive. They are a women-owned, BIPOC led business committed to evolving organizational culture and ensuring that everyone has an equitable opportunity to succeed. Nova supports DEI and People leaders in building equity and attaining genuine change, regardless of where they are on the DEI path. They believe that when we know better, we can do better. Nova's mission is to make the world a more inclusive place by helping organizations build and sustain DEI programs with real impact. Whether you're just getting started with DEI or are far along in the process, Nova can help you take your program to the next level. They don't just talk about DEI, they live it and love it. 4

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