DEI Strategy #1: Embrace a Holistic Approach to DEI and Create a New Business Culture

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Strategy 1: Embrace a Holistic DEI Approach to Create a New Business Culture Achieving DEI success relies upon a strategic approach that touches all aspects of the organization. Meaningful DEI Programs Require a Paradigm Shift T a l e n t Stra te gy En g ag e m e nt & Re t e n tion V al u es C o n ti n u o u s L e a rn i n g Increased Business Growth & Reduced Risk Transparency Accountability Diverse Recruiting Initiatives Growth Mindset Trust Employee Activism Targeted Development Programs Unconscious Bias Awareness Training Recognition & Rewards Technology Governance Measurement Culture Establish values across the organization including trust, transparency, and accountability. Address attitudes, ways of thinking, and commit to behavioral change. Create an Environment for Growth Using Existing Structures A vibrant DEI vision operates within the org's cultural, governance, technology and measurement structures. Success Levers Influence Change Global agility, scalability, assessments, and stakeholder commitment impact the framework for DEI initiatives. External influencers and internal executive-level leadership can also call for new action or adjustments. Align Principles with Business Goals Connect the organization's DEI identity and mission to its performance objectives. Create an integrated vision of how the organization sees itself and performs in the world. Strategic Alignment External Influencers Global & Agile Executive Leadership Scalable Stakeholder Commitment Assessments SUCCESS LEVERS 76% Increase of Diversity & Inclusion importance due to the social justice movement Source: Brandon Hall Group Source: Brandon Hall Group Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Strategies for Your Success www.opensesame.com | (503) 808-1286 | info@opensesame.com Begin your organization's holistic approach to DEI now. Watch the Webinars Read the White Papers Explore the Toolkit Organization Individual Systems Programmatic Inclusive Culture

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