DEI Strategy #7: Recognize and Celebrate DEI Progress

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Strategies for Your Success Create ongoing recognition of DEI achievements to reinforce its importance. Strategy 7: Recognize and Celebrate DEI Progress and Success The "Big Lift" For many organizations, adopting real DEI ideals requires changes in all areas of the enterprise. It's a "big lift" for those just starting out. Progress comes through sustained and consistent effort and requires organization-wide participation. Acknowledge the Journey Initiating an effective DEI program takes time, effort, and a company- wide commitment to change. Each Step Gets You Closer Engage the process of building a new culture via shared organizational values. Reward and Amplify to Reinforce DEI Progress Identify teams or individuals with rewards and awards, and broadcast all progress both internally and beyond. Tying DEI Success to Performance Some companies connect the effectiveness of their DEI initiatives with advancement decisions, bonuses or salary increases. Celebrate the Community Celebrate the success of everyone working together and treating each other with respect and gratitude. There will be highs and lows… …so, offer support, respect and encouragement along the way. Employees are 9.8x more likely to look forward to work when they know everyone will be treated fairly, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or age. Source: https://www.greatplacetowork. com/resources/blog/why-is-diversity- inclusion-in-the-workplace-important RESPONSIBILITY ETHICS KINDNESS TRUST VALUE SERVICE www.opensesame.com | (503) 808-1286 | info@opensesame.com Start your organization on the path to celebrating DEI progress now. Watch the Webinars Read the White Papers Explore the Toolkit

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