Onboarding in 2022 - What Has Changed and What Remains Critically Important

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© 2022 Brandon Hall Group. Licensed for Distribu on by OpenSesame. 4 Onboarding in 2022: What has Changed, and What Remains Critically Important The challenges to successful onboarding go beyond budgetary constraints. Usually, in HR processes, the biggest challenge is in having adequate resources: me and money being the most important. However, in onboarding, the most common obstacle is that onboarding is not given the priori za on it needs. For onboarding to gain the top spot among many other priori es, organiza ons must see it as more than a paperwork and process checklist. The more advanced prac ces of high-performing organiza ons are in using onboarding as the beginning of an en re employee development journey, one that incorporates aspects of learning and development, coaching and mentoring and career pathing. Too many other priorities Budget Lack of hiring manager/supervisor suppport/participation Lack of staffing Lack of technology New Hire Experience Collaboration (Mentors, Peers, Managers Assimilation Into Culture Challenges to Successful Onboarding Which of the following elements of the onboarding process would you like to improve? Source: Brandon Hall Group Source: Brandon Hall Group 64% 55% 53% 52% 51% The case has been made for the importance of onboarding and that there is room for improvement, so the next logical step is to look at where to start. When asked which elements of the onboarding process organiza ons would like to improve, the top three were the new- hire experience, collabora on and assimila on into the culture. All of the top three areas of improvement are reflec ons of the new way of approaching onboarding — as a way to bring in employees and prove the organiza on's value to them, while also allowing them to bring value to the organiza on. Collabora on is most easily set up during onboarding by having groups work together in onboarding ac vi es, in-person or remotely. This can also be the me to set up coaching and mentoring rela onships between employees, again providing that shared sense of purpose. 56% 56% 55%

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