Onboarding in 2022 - What Has Changed and What Remains Critically Important

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© 2022 Brandon Hall Group. Licensed for Distribu on by OpenSesame. 8 Onboarding in 2022: What has Changed, and What Remains Critically Important 4 Key Onboarding Practices 1. Put Culture First Provide opportuni es for the applica on of cultural values such as teamwork exercises (if your organiza on is highly collabora ve) or community outreach (if that is a reflec on of your organiza onal values). Onboarding is the first me employees will get a true sense of your organiza onal culture and therefore the best me to impress upon them your organiza onal values and mission. In addi on, giving some cultural context to the onboarding experience allows employees to see that onboarding isn't just being treated as a "get them up to speed as fast as possible" exercise, but rather an introduc on to a hared-purpose group. Having cultural aspects to the onboarding process, therefore, helps strengthen the sense of belonging that a new employee will feel, which is especially important for those working remotely. 2. Create Activities that Create Connections Organize new hires into teams to produce a common deliverable, or give employees a way to connect through coaching and mentoring ac vi es. Even during the more rou ne aspects of onboarding, there are opportuni es to allow employees to break out into groups, or to work with each other on some early tasks. Se ng up connec ons early is very important to new employees especially, as the longer they are at an organiza on without making any connec ons, the less likely they are to do so. Addi onally, employees that are struggling with new assignments or having difficulty with some projects will be able to use their peer network to help overcome these obstacles before they become more widespread problems.

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