The New Curation Framework

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We live in a world where online content delivery is more tailored and personalized than ever. Modern consumers are accustomed to an eerily personalized search experience, where recommendations reflect the search parameters used and the preferences of the person searching. It only takes a few minutes of scrolling through your favorite social media feed to see the underlying smart curation technology at work—tailoring and adapting future recommendations based on every interaction, click, and page view. Everywhere online media is consumed, the question has shifted from, "Is there enough content?" to, "How do we identify the right content for the right audience at the right moment?" The same challenging question stumps Learning and Development professionals, especially in a world where expert curation has become the expectation. How do we equip learners with the tools and skills they need at the right moment and in a format that resonates with them? Fortunately, this challenge becomes much easier to tackle with a curation strategy in place. Curation Building Blocks Adaptive Learning program adapts over time to meet changing needs, preferences, and goals. Learning becomes more tailored over time through regular evaluation and iteration. Contextualized Individual learning objects are part of a broader competency structure, curriculum, or plan. Purpose and desired outcomes are clearly defined, providing a clear context for learning. Preference-based Content is selected with learner preferences in mind. Style, format, modality, and length are all taken into consideration. Foundational Meets basic needs. Content plays on learner devices and addresses regulatory requirements. Curation Attributes The New Curation Framework | www.opensesame.com | (503) 808-1286 | 2

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