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eLearning Project Plan WEEK 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 WEEK 5 WEEK 6 WEEK 7 Plan Launch date: MM/DD/YY Contact us today to learn how OpenSesame can help your organization. | (503) 808-1286 | Needs analysis Evaluation Executive proposal Approval Procurement/ signature Launch Hold an introductory call to discuss scope of your project or initiative Responsible party: Content provider and you Description: Conduct needs analysis and introduction to content provider so they can gain general knowledge about background and scope of your project. Obtain an overview of content provider's solution and services Responsible party: Content provider and you Description: In-depth look into content provider's offering. Map content to your competencies/topics Responsible party: Content provider Description: Ask the content provider to map content based on your assessment to match courses with your preferences. Review Responsible party: You Description: Evaluate the courses that the content provider has mapped based on competencies and course style assessment. Do a learner needs assessment Responsible party: You Description: Determine what style and approach of content is the best fit for your organization's culture and learners. Involve additional stakeholders (departments, teams, regions) Responsible party: You Description: Ask other stakeholders for feedback on course topics and course selections. Do additional mapping, refinement of course content Responsible party: You Description: Make the necessary adjustments to the course selections based on team feedback. Present proposal to executive sponsor Responsible party: Content provider/ You and your executive team Description: Provide in-depth presentation of content provider's offering to executive stakeholders involved in this project. Obtain budgetary approvals Responsible party: You Description: Finalize # users and choose solution. Obtain executive approval Responsible party: You Description: Get final project approvals and start procurement process. Executive or sponsor should discuss project with Legal and Procurement teams, as needed. Conduct check-ins Responsible party: Content provider and you Description: Hold routine calls to answer any further questions. Obtain final signature and kickoff with content provider Responsible party: Content provider and you Description: Obtain final signatures on all documents. Schedule kick-off call with content provider. Courses made available to your learners Responsible party: You Description: Depending on your LMS and configuration, this will be your official launch date when learners can begin taking training - whether by assignment or by browsing and self enrolling in training.

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