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How to Operate in a World Where Everything Is On The Record

Most organizations hope, or assume, no employee will make a glaring error in public — and if they do, a crisis management team can take care of it. But why suffer unnecessary damage to you or your organization’s reputation, especially if it is preventable for a cost far less than restoring a ruined reputation? 

How you act on social media and in public can directly impact your employer – either positively or negatively. Knowing how to safely navigate a digital world that sees all, hears all and tells all is more vital than ever. To do this, you need to understand the relationship between your personal brand and your employer’s brand whenever engaging on social media. 

Sports Business Radio Founder & Host, Brian Berger, joins FOX Sports NBA Analyst, Ric Bucher, in this webinar to educate leaders on how to not only survive, but thrive in a world where EVERYTHING is on the Record. You’ll learn techniques and strategies to help you act with more intention when posting on social media and avoid unintended consequences. The media, social or otherwise, is only a scary beast when you don’t know how to feed it.

Learn how to:

  • Identify how your personal social media actions can affect you and your employer
  • Protect your personal and employer’s brand by mindfully posting on social media
  • Recognize the people and organizations who can be impacted by your actions
  • Build rapport with the media by leveraging multiple platforms

Brian Berger | Founder of Sports Business Radio & Sports PR Summit

Brian has worked in the sports business industry for more than three decades as a broadcaster and a public relations expert. He offers the rare perspective of someone who has advised senior executives about their strategic communications efforts, but has also interviewed some of the biggest names in sports.

​​As the host and founder of Sports Business Radio since 2004, Berger has gone one-on-one with high-ranking sports executives such as NBA Commissioner Emeritus David Stern, Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, NCAA President Mark Emmert and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. The award-winning Sports Business Radio podcast was named “Best Sports Podcast” by Cynopsis Media in 2018.

Berger is also the Founder/CEO of the Sports PR Summit, an annual event that brings together Senior PR executives from the pro and collegiate sports ranks as well as from top sports corporations, media members and athletes for panel discussions and valuable networking opportunities.  Sports PR Summit speakers have included NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman,  ESPN journalists Tom Rinaldi and Jeremy Schaap, former NFL quarterback Michael Vick and NBA Head Coach David Fizdale.

Ric Bucher | NBA Analyst, FOX Sports

Ric has covered the NBA since 1993 as a senior writer, TV analyst, sideline reporter and radio host for the San Jose Mercury News, The Washington Post, ESPN, TNT, NBA TV, SiriusXM, Bleacher Report and Fox Sports. Current: B/R senior writer, FS1 NBA analyst, United We Cast Network CEO, Bucher&Friends podcast host.

More about Everything Is On The Record:

Brian Berger and Ric Bucher work together to create innovative, up-to-date courses for OpenSesame’s elearning brand, Everything Is On The Record. Everything Is On The Record brings relevant and timely instruction about the power and hazards of social media use for individuals and organizations. Ric and Brian bring their years of experience working with professional athletes and sports teams to help leaders, managers, and employees understand social media.

Subjects include understanding the crossover between a corporate and personal brand, simple steps to help you post more effectively and safely, scrubbing your social media, controlling media interviews, presenting yourself in meetings, and handling inappropriate social media posts by employees.