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Reignite Motivation, Reconnect with Purpose

The term "purpose" can feel like some existential mountain to climb. At Healthy Minds Innovations,  we see purpose as a practical skill you practice every day. Our brains are extraordinarily adaptive. Like sustaining your attention or cultivating compassion, you can train your mind to awaken to the sense of purpose that underlies everything you do. We’ve got the neuroscience to prove it. 

In this Healthy Minds Work learning lab, we walk you through a step-by-step process of connecting to your values to infuse your life with meaning. We will show you how to combat burnout by reigniting what inspires you in the workplace and beyond. She’ll also introduce you to the empirical evidence that supports these practices and how you can bring them back to your community.

Stephanie Wagner | Certified Health Coach & Meditation Teacher, Healthy Minds Innovations

Stephanie Wagner is a board-certified health and wellness coach (NBC-HWC) with a passion for mindfulness and meditation, with extensive years working in professional development. She partners with clients and organizations to help them understand how to leverage their strengths and self-awareness to make positive, sustainable change in any dimension including physical, social, spiritual, professional, and emotional wellbeing. In addition to owning her own coaching practice, Stephanie is a well-being expert and meditation teacher at Healthy Minds Innovations, a non-profit started by acclaimed neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

More about Healthy Minds Program

Healthy Minds Innovations is a global leader in translating science into tools to cultivate well-being. All courses are based on a scientific framework for understanding how human flourishing is a skill that can be practiced through meditation and other forms of mental training. Courses feature engaging guided meditations, podcast-style lessons, and tips to integrate well-being into the workday. Each course is rooted in scientific evidence demonstrating how to train the brain for greater well-being. These courses are geared towards beginners (especially the skeptical ones) with tangible practices for finding a greater sense of connection, focus, and purpose in daily life.

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