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Why Equity Must Come Before Diversity and Inclusion: The Necessity of Inclusive Practices for a Successful Workplace

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives are essential for ensuring a workplace is equitable and successful. However, it is important to recognize that equity must come before diversity and inclusion. Equity is the cornerstone of a successful and inclusive workplace. Without equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives will be ineffective and may even have detrimental effects. By creating an equitable workplace, employers can ensure that all employees are heard, respected, and given the opportunity to contribute to a successful and productive working environment.

In this webinar you will: 

  1. Understand the importance of equity in the workplace and why it must come before diversity and inclusion initiatives.

  2. Identify best practices for creating an equitable workplace.

  3. Describe the benefits of creating an equitable workplace.

About the Speakers: 

Audrey Cavenecia

Audrey Cavenecia is an award-winning Chief Content Officer, Brand Storyteller, and Content Developer at Amplify Voices, a media production and marketing company founded by NFL coach Pete Carroll. She is co-host of the Amplify Voices podcast alongside Pete Carroll and is a Co-Founder of Amplify Voices Learning, an award-winning educational publishing and production company. Having worked in the media industry for over a decade, Audrey is a highly sought-after media personality, having appeared in the New York Times, Forbes, and Entertainment Tonight. She is passionate about creating content that speaks to the heart and amplifying diverse points of view. Audrey is an advocate for DEIB initiatives and works to ensure that all voices are heard and respected.

Amplify Voices

Amplify Voices is an award-winning media company founded by NFL coach Pete Carroll. We amplify diverse points of view that bridge people together through storytelling, and education. Our mission is to use the power of media to inspire and empower individuals to create meaningful change through connection and understanding. We are passionate about creating and sharing stories that bring us closer together and work to ensure that all voices are amplified and heard. Through our content, we strive to create a platform for individuals to share their stories and knowledge, inspiring a more equitable and just world.