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How to conduct a learning survey Create the survey The questions you include in a learning survey depend on your audience. Leadership surveys ask managers about training needs for their specific teams, while employee surveys seek to identify trends in learner preferences and interests across your workforce. Distribute the survey Typically, learning surveys are conducted using an online survey tool (Google Forms, Survey Monkey, etc.). If you don't have a survey tool, you can also ask for responses via email or use the survey questions to guide employee focus group discussions (either in person or virtually). Analyze learner feedback Aim to get participation from all levels, divisions, locations, etc. within your organization before closing the survey to ensure the results reflect your learners' diverse viewpoints. Then review the results and identify the top three to five trends you can address through your elearning program. Curate content Share the results with your OpenSesame Customer Success Manager so they can help you map learner feedback to the best-fit courses in our catalog. You can also use Smart Lists to obtain instant course recommendations tailored to your organization. Deploy training Now you're ready to report back to your team about how you used their feedback to refresh your course offering. For best results, conduct a learning survey shortly after launching your elearning program, then again on an annual or semi-annual basis to ensure learning stays aligned with team initiatives and learner interests. 1 2 3 4 5 Learning Surveys Better understand team training priorities and learner interests The more relevant courses are to your learners, the more likely they are to engage with your elearning program. A learning survey allows you to gain valuable insight into the training options that are important to your organization and your workforce. Check out our Learning & Development Promotion Resources Hub for more course promotion tools | (503) 808-1286 |

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