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Compliance and Risk Management: Surprising Benefits Beyond ‘Required’ Training

There are surprising benefits of “required” training that go beyond compliance and risk management. Compliance training is the backbone of an organization’s learning program and  serves as a powerful tool for organizations to tick myriad regulatory checkboxes. However, our customers with the most effective L&D teams capitalize on compliance training and see it as an opportunity to inspire learners and create a broader culture of learning. In fact, required training can create opportunity to deliver substantial benefits, elevating it from a regulatory necessity to a strategic advantage:

  • Enhanced Skill Sets: Mandatory training courses, when thoughtfully designed, offer employees valuable skill enhancements. For example, obligatory cybersecurity training not only safeguards data but also equips employees with crucial digital literacy skills that can be applied in their day-to-day tasks. The right format and style go a long way in driving completions and engagement.
  • Consistent Knowledge Base: Standardized mandatory training ensures that all employees have a consistent knowledge base, where they can easily seek out additional, non-required training when desired. This can be especially crucial in industries where safety and compliance are paramount, as it minimizes errors and reduces risks.
  • Employee Engagement: There is a  perception that mandatory training is tedious (it can be), but engaging and interactive sessions can actually make employees feel more valued and engaged. This can lead to higher morale and increased job satisfaction, which in turn lets L&D impact employee retention rate.
  • Demonstrating Commitment: Adding modern Diversity, Equality and Inclusion content to required training sends a powerful message that the organization is committed to these principles. It promotes a respectful workplace and is increasingly a core tenet that employees expect from an employer.

Our customers are able to experience these benefits by implementing fresh, high-quality courses into their L&D programs. Our curation team can help build customized learning paths for compliance training, personalized to your learners, so they are enhancing their skill sets while meeting organizational requirements. 

Below are the most-completed compliance courses amongst our customers this year. Not surprising, Cybersecurity and Harassment training make the list. We expect to see an increase in cybersecurity training in 2024 due to the increase in data breaches this past year. 

OpenSesame Customer’s Top 10 Compliance Courses of 2023 (by completions):

  1. Workplace Harassment (US – Office – Employee – 40-Minute) 
  2. Workplace Harassment (US – Office – California – Employee)
  3. Cybersecurity: 08. Email Phishing
  4. Common Ground: Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention (Gated: for Employees in all US States Except CT) 
  5. Cybersecurity: 11. Social Engineering
  6. Preventing Discrimination and Harassment (US – Employee)
  7. Security Awareness Essentials Challenge 
  8. Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention (For Employees in all US States Except CA and CT)
  9. Workplace Harassment (US – Office – New York – Employee)
  10. Healthcare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse: An Introduction

Partnering with a content provider that offers a well-curated selection of courses is crucial. OpenSesame’s curation team can carefully select learning paths to help learners actually enhance their skill sets while meeting regulatory requirements. Mitigating risk through mandatory training is more than ticking boxes; it can help foster growth and a culture of continuous improvement throughout the organization.

Learn more about how OpenSesame can take the pressure off your learning and development team to meet Federal and State requirements (even in continuous change) in this Harassment Compliance Agility webinar, or start your free trial today to see the best compliance content yourself.