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Microsoft Excel: Easier to Learn Than Ever Before

Fluency in Microsoft Excel is one of the most valuable soft-skills in any professional’s life. Excel’s broad applicability and user-friendly interface make it so it can be utilized by the masses for a vast number of tasks, from simple data entry to complex data analysis and querying. No matter where you fall or plan to fall on Excel’s utilization spectrum, it is of cardinal importance that you have proper guidance in order to witness how you can use Excel to leverage your professional toolkit. With Excel Online courses, you can master excel in an interactive way.

Back to the Basics

No matter how proficient you may be in Excel, it is likely that you are still using only a sliver of Excel’s built-in tools. In the Introduction to Excel course offered by Atomic Learning, users are exposed to some of the softer but necessary components of Excel such as organization, formatting, and shortcuts to make formatting more efficient. Whether you are looking to explore how you can make your data beautiful or something as simple as locking documents with a password, this course will bring the basics to you in a full-circle.


One of the components of Excel that made it revolutionary, formulas! The hundreds of formulas that excel offers range from basic organization tools like the COUNTIF and SUMIF functions to formulas designed to derive key metrics in statistical analysis. For more complicated formulas, there are courses that will provide users a step-by-step walk through troubleshooting and customization techniques. There are many options for Excel courses focused on formulas, so now it’s up to you to decide what parts of your spreadsheet you would like to automate.

Data Visualization

Now that you have learned how to organize and compute in Excel, let’s tell a story with your data. Charts, graphs, and models can all be used to add a visual component to your data. With specialized courses in Excel Charts, users will be able to find the best ways to display their data could drive more effective decision making. Not only can you optimize the way which your company’s data is presented through courses in Excel Charts, but you can also learn customization techniques so you can coordinate your Excel figures with associated documents in Microsoft Office.

These are only a few of the useful tools that users can learn from Excel Online courses. With 80% of Middle Skill-level jobs requiring Excel literacy, becoming familiar with Excel and the rest of the Microsoft Office suite is a must. Not only will becoming an Excel wiz make you a company asset, but it can also help you earn up to 18% more on average. Whether you are looking to learn the basics, or more advanced, specialized tools, there is a course for you. The OpenSesame course library contains a number of different individual courses and bundles for learning Microsoft Excel.

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