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Ryan Tillman with Breaking Barriers United

Ryan Tillman | CEO and Founder, Breaking Barriers United LLC (BBU)

Ryan Tillman is a current Police Officer for the Chino Police Department as well as the CEO and founder of Breaking Barriers United LLC (BBU). Ryan recognized the need for more transparency and dialogue between law enforcement and the community and therefore, created BBU. Since the start of BBU, Ryan speaks on a national level for both law enforcement and non-LE organizations. He has created after school programs that train and teach students about the profession of law enforcement and career development and is currently developing a program called “The United,'' which aims at recruiting and training the best future police officers. Ryan will not cease his efforts until his goal of “Changing the Face of Modern-Day Policing” is completed.

More about Breaking Barriers United 

Breaking Barriers United courses provide officers and other service professionals with instruction on topics that develop core skills and improve relationships with the people and communities they serve. Videos with subjects including de-escalation, policing at-risk populations, and community relations provide real-life examples of officers in the field and include discussion and self-reflection prompts, downloadable resources, and quizzes to help learners connect to the content.

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