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Yoobic + OpenSesame - Winning Strategies to Engage Frontline Workers with Mobile Learning

We’ve all heard of the challenges that retail workers traditionally face and how they have been exacerbated in the past two years. What we haven’t heard as much is the extent to which learning can engage frontline workers and positively impact their satisfaction and retention. Offering the right L&D programs to frontline employees gives employers an edge in frontline talent retention. And maybe find some superstars in the process.

In this short 30 minute session, OpenSesame and YOOBIC will:

  • Briefly review their just-announced partnership
  • Review as-yet-unpublished survey statistics about frontline worker needs and opinions, including areas such as wellness and mental health support, retail career development, and other topics that important to employees
  • Discuss ways that you can address these learnings with a mobile-first approach integrated into the frontline employee’s daily flow of work