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3 Simple Steps to Get Past Imposter Syndrome and Restore Confidence as a Leader

Have you ever felt like a fraud in your field of expertise? Do you feel like you have to constantly do more to look like an expert? In this webinar, Audrey Cavenecia, Chief Content Officer and award-winning Podcast Producer for Pete Carroll, explores the feelings associated with imposter syndrome and translates imposter syndrome in simple words for anyone who wants to know how it feels. You’ll learn how women in leadership are disproportionately impacted by imposter syndrome and examine three effective strategies to overcome feeling like an imposter in the workplace. After this webinar, you’ll feel more confident as a leader.

Join us for an honest, unfiltered take on the imposter phenomenon and let it flow past you like a breeze.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What imposter syndrome is and if you are experiencing it 

  • The impact of imposter syndrome on women in leadership

  • The three effective strategies for combating imposter syndrome

Audrey Cavenecia  | Chief Content Officer, Amplify Voices

Audrey Cavenecia is the Chief Content Officer and Co-producer for Amplify Voices and the co-host alongside Pete Carroll for the Amplify Voices podcast. A talented storyteller and visionary systems thinker, Audrey has decades of experience in leadership development, entertainment production, and content marketing with a focus on championing the humanity in all people. She has worked alongside some of the most influential leaders in the world—including speaker and author Tony Robbins and Oracle founder Larry Ellison—to develop and empower new visionaries as well as build major brands through stories and insights around authentic human connection. No matter the sector, she continues to build bridges between what is and what can be, with storytelling as the scaffolding. She believes stories are the most powerful tools we have to access change, growth, momentum, and compassion. And today, she continues that work alongside Pete Carroll. “Pete’s legacy of historic performance without compromise to humanity,” she says, “is the example we need to shine a light at this time in history.” Her vision for Amplify Voices: to amplify as many voices as possible that embody highly successful, caring leaders. Audrey was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and was a transplant to Seattle via Venice Beach. She enjoys her personal time with her three xoloitzcuintles and exchanging stories via Instagram DM with her son Christian. Not to mention her total obsession with her big-bold-all-natural hair.

More about Amplify Voices:

Amplify Voices is a media production company founded on the leadership principles of Pete Carroll, where caring meets performance. Amplify Voices amplifies diverse and inclusive leaders through content that expands minds and opens hearts by addressing purpose, Leadership, mental health & well-being, education, and more. Amplify Voices is a collection of essential discussions for leaders, management, HR, and entrepreneurs.