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Simon Course Creation & Translation

Introducing Simon: OpenSesame's Latest Innovation for Course Creation and Translations

Join us for an exciting webinar that will introduce you to Simon, the simple yet powerful course creation and translation platform that helps you to create high-quality training that is accessible to everyone, regardless of language or ability. During this session, we will demonstrate how easy it is to create and translate courses that meet the unique needs of your workforce. Plus, we’ll be joined by Cody Winn from TED to discuss how TED@Work built hundreds of multilingual TED Talks for learners worldwide with Simon.

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • The best methods to create courses with simple authoring tools that will save you valuable time and resources in the process. 

  • How to easily translate a single course into multiple languages to reach diverse audiences.

  • Explore ways to create learning inclusive experiences that demonstrate a commitment to your employees’ growth and sense of belonging.

About the Speakers: 

Josh Blank, President, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, OpenSesame

Josh manages general operations and oversees product development for the OpenSesame elearning marketplace. He has a rich background in technology, software development and user interface design, enabling him to create flexible solutions for communication and management challenges.

Cody Winn, Director of Platform Experience, TED@Work

Cody manages apps and experiences for TED, a global, nonprofit media company with one simple mission: to spread powerful ideas. TED@Work – part of TED’s L&D function – combines bold, mind-shifting TED Talks with group learning tools to promote new ways of working, learning and collaborating.