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EdCast + OpenSesame: New Learning Technology Integration Drives Organizational Performance 

Empowering Every Single Employee – A New Learning Technology Integration From EdCast and OpenSesame

Despite best efforts, people and organizations truly have a difficult time prioritizing learning. Employees report that less than an hour of their work week is spent on upskilling, reskilling, training and development. As a result, employee retention is declining. 

While organizations know they need to prioritize education, they struggle to effectively invest in learning and development that is utilized by everyone.

OpenSesame and EdCast have partnered to build a remarkable integration allowing organizations to easily and seamlessly curate content for their learners. 

By aligning OpenSesame with EdCast, organizations can bring OpenSesame’s content library – the most comprehensive catalog of elearning courses from the world’s top publishers – into EdCast. By eliminating more barriers, learners are able to engage with learning content more easily.

“We are pleased that OpenSesame is now integrated with EdCast’s Learning Experience Platform to seamlessly bring OpenSesame’s extensive library of learning content into the flow of work. The partnership gives businesses and learners the ability to rapidly connect to relevant content thereby supporting EdCast’s mission to democratize learning and skill building by bringing hyper personalized expert content in the context of work.”

Reena Chawla, Director of Product and Marketing, Spark by EdCast

With new quick launch links coupled with single sign-on (SSO), launching courses is faster and more efficient. For your employees, this results in eliminating friction accessing and engaging with the learning content they seek. And for your team, manual downloads and uploads disappear. Now courses and select metadata are automatically provided to your learning platform creating more time to focus on your strategy.

Together let’s empower your workforce to learn and grow.

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