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What Have We Learned About Hybrid Work So Far?

Hybrid Work Webinar

Times have changed, and none more so than the way we work. The traditional 9-5 doesn’t exist for many office workers anymore, and our processes for learning and development are still catching up. As we establish the next normal, how do we discover a hybrid method of working and learning that allows for creativity while boosting productivity? And more importantly, what lessons from 2021 can we take with us into the unchartered waters of 2022?

In this on-demand webinar with iAM Learning, Chief Operating Officer Tom Moore and L&D Manager Gemma Glover, discuss:

  • How do you combat social isolation and maintain connectedness in a remote office?
  • What are the unique challenges of hybrid when it comes to collaboration and culture?
  • How do you ensure everyone has the same access and opportunities for learning?
  • Why is “blanket digital” bad and how do you select the right hybrid model?
  • What does a successful approach to hybrid L&D look like?

Tom Moore, Chief Operating Officer, iAM Learning

As a lifelong advocate of personal development, working within the L&D sector has made Moore an expert in leading people through transformations and doing the ‘big picture’ thinking. He’s worked on two of the UK’s largest transformation projects (totalling $750m) and has spent time at Harvard studying leadership. Somehow though, raising two kids seems much harder than any change program! Since 2015, he’s been using all of his transformation experience to create engaging and characterful content that drives behavioral change.

Gemma Glover, L&D Manager, iAM Learning

Glover acts as the face and voice of the brand, sharing best practice between customers and iAM’s community. As a previous Head of Operations in Cyber Security, with a real passion for workplace culture, her brain is a melting pot of solving business problems, effective performance management and learner-centric initiatives. She regularly blogs on key L&D issues, challenges and theories, with a desire to make them accessible to all.