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Generative AI for DEIB Professionals: Wise, Inclusive, Safe, Equitable

With ChatGPT, it seems like we’ve finally solved the “get more done, faster, and with less resources” conundrum once and for all. And yet, you may have heard any number of cautionary tales about generative AI. You may be wondering how to make the most of this powerful tool. Or you may be wondering how to catch up (and did you get left behind? No, you didn’t). If any of this rings true for your experience, then this session is for you.

Jess Jackson & Megan Torrance will cover the basics – what in practical terms generative AI actually is, and how you can use it as an assistant, a thought partner, a brainstorming muse, or even as part of a learning experience itself. They’ll share examples of how they have used – and you can, too! -- ChatGPT and other generative AI tools as part of the communications and learning design, as a media creation tool, and data analytics engine.

Throughout the session, they’ll focus on how to make your use of generative AI  smart, safe, inclusive & equitable, keeping you, your organization, and your reputation safe. For Megan & Jess, smart use includes leveraging AI for tasks it’s actually good for (and avoiding ones it’s not). Inclusivity includes understanding where inherent bias can creep in and how to counteract it. Safe use includes simple data protections that every one of us is responsible for maintaining. And equitable use starts with an appreciation for the intellectual property and the labor market issues underlying today’s AI industry.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn what generative AI is and its core functionalities, enabling them to grasp its potential applications.

  • Become equipped with the knowledge and examples necessary to utilize generative AI effectively in your role

  • Gain insights on how to use generative AI in a smart, safe, inclusive, and equitable manner, including the ability to identify suitable tasks for AI, address bias concerns, implement data protection measures, and appreciate the ethical and labor-related aspects of the AI industry

About the Speakers: 

Jessica Jackson - Racial Equity Strategist

Jessica Jackson is a Racial Equity Strategist and expert in diversity education. With over 15 years of experience, she's a sought-after speaker and writer. Jess is the author of CREW, a training program that addresses workplace equity using research-backed practices. Her skills in strategy, data, and program development, combined with her dynamic training style, have made a lasting impact in education organizations. She's been recognized on platforms like Mic, TedX, and Michigan Advance. Jess has a Sociology degree from the University of Michigan and an M.ED and MBA. She calls Detroit, MI home.

Megan Torrance - Chief Energy Officer

Megan Torrance is the Chief Energy Officer and founder of TorranceLearning. She helps organizations improve learning performance by connecting it to design, development, data, and strategy. With over 25 years of experience in learning design, Megan has worked with big names like UnitedHealth Group, Dow Chemical, and Kellogg's. TorranceLearning projects have won numerous awards, and Megan is a well-known speaker and author in the industry. She created LLAMA, an Agile project management approach for instructional design, and runs the xAPI Learning Cohort, a free, vendor-neutral opportunity to learn about the Experience API. Megan holds a degree in communication from Cornell University and an MBA. She lives and works near Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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