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Leveraging DEI and Custom Learning Paths to Combat the Great Resignation

Millions of Americans are leaving their jobs in droves. Dubbed “The Great Resignation,” the mass exodus of workers has employers struggling with hiring and retaining their teams. Now, more than ever, organizations must focus on creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) environment that doesn’t just attract new talent but encourages current workers to stay.

Today’s workforce wants to be a part of an organization that prioritizes DEI and provides opportunities to build their career. Learn from leaders at Lumofy how a strong learning culture and a feeling of inclusion through personalized learning paths can drive employee retention. 

About the Speakers: 

Lumofy is a comprehensive, science-backed, and automated Learning Experience Platform that uses a targeted approach to accelerate capability building. Their approach involves helping you diagnose and measure your human capital competencies, enabling them to deliver automated and personalized learning paths through relevant learning items to enhance your learning culture and empower your people to drive change.

Ahmed Faraj | Founder and CEO, Lumofy 

Ahmed is a Learning & EdTech Expert, certified entrepreneur, co-active life and business coach, key-note speaker, and certified psychometric consultant. 

Mahmoud Malik | Chief Experience Officer, Lumofy

An organizational psychologist in the making, Mahmoud uses employee motivation and design thinking to help clients create unique environments and experiences for their learners.