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DEI for the New World: How to Stay True to the Course, and Ideas for Pivoting Your Approach During Difficult Times

Following the north star of creating an inclusive culture can fall to the wayside, or become hard to maintain during times of extreme uncertainty and difficulty. Join us for a refreshing set of ideas as we dive into new approaches for how to keep DEI a priority, drive cross-functional commitment, and stay true to our commitment to creating an inclusive world during nebulous times. Morgan Mercer will present novel frameworks for approaching DEI in the new world, ideas for how to shift an organization's approach towards presenting and teaching DEI, and how to drive both alignment and outcomes in the most effective and efficient way possible when bandwidth, capacity, and morale can be a challenge. We will also explore how to navigate polarizing beliefs in a charged climate, and how to overcome these hurdles to create cross-functional alignment at all levels (from executives to employees) around the importance of inclusion.

Learn how to:

  • Adopt a skills-based approach to DEI

  • Keep DEI as a priority in an uncertain future

  • Create continued buy-in and alignment from company leaders and employees

  • Stay true to DEI objectives during uncertain and difficult times

  • Create cross-functional commitment

  • Learn new ways to frame DEI

  • Identify key shifts in approach for presenting and teaching DEI

Morgan Mercer, CEO of Vantage Point

Morgan Mercer is a globally recognized thought leader and innovator in technology. Morgan has been featured in 160+ media outlets, including NPR, Fox News, The Economist, Vogue (2x), CNN (4x), Forbes (6x), WIRED, FastCompany, Inc., and more for her unique perspective and approach around solving the world's most pressing issues like gender equity, anti-sexual harassment, and creating inclusive workplaces. Morgan has spoken at 40+ conferences including Fortune, ASU GSV (3x), Inc., HR Tech, CA HR and more. Morgan's work has won her recognition and awards by WEF, UN Women, and numerous other organizations.

About Vantage Point

Vantage Point is the leading provider in immersive (VR-based) training and is used by the top Fortune 500s, Global Law Firms, Startups, Globally Recognized Brands. Our offerings are designed to be digested modularly and are adaptive to an employee’s baseline knowledge to take them to the next level of comprehension. We teach communal responsibility through life-like and realistic scenarios that play out based on an employee’s choices. Our interactive experiences follow a branching story structure (pick-and-choose your own storyline), with on-the-spot feedback at the end of every experience. Our courses create behavior change, develop empathy, identify new behaviors and ideas learner’s can apply to their workplace environment, and teach critical thinking about complex interpersonal situations. Vantage Point is a female and black-founder-led company. Welcome to the future of workforce learning.