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Supplier Diversity Summit: Paving the Path to Success

Join us for a captivating two-hour Supplier Diversity Summit where we bring together industry experts and thought leaders to explore the key elements of supplier diversity success. This engaging event will provide valuable insights, strategies, and best practices for connecting with local organizations and fostering business equity. Discover how chambers of commerce and community organizations can serve as essential advocates and resources, driving economic growth within their communities. Gain a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of supplier diversity and learn how to navigate the "Next Normal" successfully. Explore the business imperatives behind supplier diversity programs and uncover immediate opportunities to accelerate success. Don't miss this unique opportunity to unlock the power of supplier diversity and take your business to new heights. Maximize your potential by participating in this Supplier Diversity Summit.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of supplier diversity and how it can help organizations achieve their goals.

  • Explore the potential of AI and emerging technology apps in supporting supplier diversity initiatives and connecting with diverse suppliers.

  • Gain practical tips and ideas for implementing and integrating supplier diversity programs into business strategies, fostering partnerships, and driving positive change in communities.

  • Learning how to measure the impact of supplier diversity on an organization's bottom line.

About the Speakers: 

Dr. Tammy Francis

The Catalyst, Founder of Catalyst 4 Change Global, LLC, and Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Francis is a renowned global educator, strategist, consultant, and JEDI advocate. She will share her extensive expertise in building bridges for supplier diversity success and working with local chambers of commerce.

Ebony Joyce

DEI and Talent Development Consultant, and Owner of Next Level Career Services, LLC. Ebony is a thought leader in the field of supplier diversity and will provide strategic insights on fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within procurement professionals.

Tammy Bryant

Vice President of DEI Strategy at Syntrio. Tammy brings a wealth of experience in global workforce management and will highlight the business drivers behind the growing call for supplier diversity programs, sharing best practices to manage diverse supply bases.

Liza Wisner

Enterprise Curator of DEI at OpenSesame. Liza Wisner, an award-winning television personality and talent development expert, curates change agent training and thought leadership in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, leveraging her professional training in computer science and educational technology to strategize and manage learning, diversity, inclusion, and automation initiatives.