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Understanding the complexity of the Asian American Pacific Islander Experience

Key takeaways:

  • Explore the diversity of the AAPI community
  • Identify, understand, and challenge historical stereotypes
  • Develop deeper cultural awareness and education
  • Recognize the importance of intersectionality

When we say AAPI, who and what are we talking about? How can we better understand the complexities of the AAPI experience? These are a couple of questions that Hideko Akashi will answer in the upcoming OpenSesame webinar, Understanding the complexity of the Asian American Pacific Islander Experience.

Join Hideko Akashi for an experience that will help you gain awareness and understanding of the challenges and resilience within the AAPI community and inspire you to promote greater inclusion and empathy in society.

Hideko will explore the diverse history and identities of Asian American Pacific Islanders. Drawing from her personal experiences, she will examine pivotal themes that have profoundly influenced both herself and the AAPI community, including immigration, assimilation, invisibility, the model minority myth, and internalization.

This webinar has been scheduled to coincide with National Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, but with Hideko’s insights and guidance, you can continue the education throughout the year.

During the webinar, Hideko will unveil the launch of her new eLearning course in the OpenSesame catalog: Understanding the AAPI Experience with Hideko Akashi, developed in partnership with SunShower Learning. Attendees will get an exclusive sneak peek with a clip from the course. This preview will illuminate why integrating this material into your DEI journey is essential.

Hideko Akashi I Founder & Lead Consultant, Liberation Consulting

With over 20 years of experience in the educational sector, Hideko has challenged individuals and institutions to think critically about issues of diversity, privilege, social justice, inclusion, and equity. She believes in self and social transformation, and that institutions can also create positive shifts in organizational culture to help cultivate the environment of truly equitable and inclusive spaces.

Hideko is a skilled and professional facilitator with an extensive teaching background which allows her to create spaces that push participants to engage in a challenging learning process. She enjoys exploring topics around liberation, race/racism, privilege, gender/sexism, sexual orientation, intersectionality, socialization, internalization and systemic cycles of oppression.

Beyond group facilitation and training workshops, Hideko engages institutions on strategic plans to make transformational and meaningful changes in their organizational culture.

She is the creator of two new courses coming to the OpenSesame catalog. Produced in partnership with SunShower Learning, Understanding the Complexity of the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Experience, and coming soon, Expanding the Gender Binary.

About SunShower Learning

SunShower Learning is a global leader in high-impact, skills-based Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training. With over 20 years of experience, SunShower helps companies cultivate a culture of belonging. How? We address what gets in the way – unconscious bias, microaggressions, stereotypes and more. We do this with impactful, top-rated and award-winning DEI eLearning created by the world’s leading experts.