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Building resilience - your future human power skill

Resilience is an essential life skill to cultivate. Being a resilient person is more than just being able to recover and survive, it is also about learning to grow and thrive. And our ability to be resilient to stress depends so much on our inner resources and strength. 

Join Liggy Webb, an award-winning author, presenter, and international consultant; Adam Lacey, Co-Founder of Assemble You; and Mehdi Tounsi, OpenSesame’s Senior Regional Director, EMEA; to explore how to cultivate and strengthen resilience over time through self-awareness, learning, and a positive mindset.

This webinar will provide you with some practical tips on how to:

• Be agile, confident, and adapt to changing circumstances

• Cope better with challenges and change

• Think and act more optimistically in the future 


Liggy Webb

Liggy is an award-winning and bestselling author, presenter and international consultant. She is also the founding director of The Learning Architect, an international consortium of behavioural skills specialists. 

Liggy is recognised as a thought leader on human resilience and works with a wide range of businesses, focusing on optimising potential through continual learning and behavioural agility. She’s published over 35 books and has helped organisations, including the NHS, the BBC, Walt Disney and the United Nations. She co-hosts the Future Human audio series now available on OpenSesame.

Adam Lacey

Adam is the Co-Founder of Assemble You and host of the Power Skills Project and L&D Challenges podcasts. He has 10+ years of experience creating and selling digital learning and launched Assemble You with his business partner and cousin in 2022. He also co-hosts the Future Human audio series with Liggy Webb.