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DEI December Summit- Nurturing Resilient, Inclusive, Safe, and Kind Workplaces

Welcome to the 4th Annual DEI December Summit, a transformative event, hosted by OpenSesame, designed to empower Human Resources, DEI professionals and workplace executives with the tools, insights, and strategies needed to create resilient, inclusive, safe, and kind workplaces. Join us for this three-hour event as we dive into the powerful intersections of neuroplasticity, psychological safety, and leadership in the realm of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This year, we've designed a comprehensive program that caters to individuals at every level of your organization. Whether you're an individual contributor, a team member, or a leader, there's a session crafted just for you.

Session 1: Unlock the Power of Resilience and Neuroplasticity (For You)

Discover the powerful connection between resilience, neuroplasticity, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Explore tools for happier relationships, resilient joy, better digestion, and a stronger immune system. Learn about breathing techniques, and embrace playfulness, curiosity, and courage. Join us on this journey toward a more resilient, inclusive, and fulfilling life!

Session 2: Igniting a Culture of Psychological Safety in the Workplace (For Your Teams)

We will explore the significance of psychological safety and how it’s an essential element of any top-performing team. Additional topics include the intersection between DEI, compliance-based training, and the use of virtual reality technology to help enable today’s workforce to live more connected, creative, and contributing lives.

Session 3: Being a Kind Leader (For Your Leadership)

Dr. Robin will introduce her new series, Being a Kind Leader, that includes 3 courses - 6 Soft S.K.I.L.L.S., Developing Trust, and Living your Values. In this session, Dr. Robin will be joined by Joel Lesko, founder of SunShower Learning, to help you learn what you can do to be kind, to get the work done, and to manage relationship boundaries and conflict. Dr. Robin has synthesized the research, drawn on her personal experience, and developed courses that include behavioral hacks you can use to gain a lot of benefit in exchange for a comparatively small effort.

By attending these sessions, you'll gain valuable knowledge and skills to drive positive change in your workplace. As a bonus, participants will earn their 2024 DEI Certificate of Excellence, recognizing their commitment to fostering resilient, inclusive, and kind environments.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the interplay between resilience, neuroplasticity, and DEI, fostering personal growth and equitable environments.

  • Igniting a Culture of Psychological Safety in the Workplace as a cornerstone of high-performing teams, leveraging DEI principles and technology.

  • Embrace inclusive leadership and kind practices through the "Being a Kind Leader" series, focusing on soft skills, trust-building, and values-driven decisions.

About the Speakers

Indy Rishi Singh: Indy Rishi Singh is a wellbeing engineer. He leads corporate wellness workshops and retreats with Fortune 500 companies, provides burnout & resilience retreats+workshops for healthcare workers, law enforcement and activist organizations, mindfulness workshops with students in schools and universities, and is an active volunteer locally and globally.

Jennifer Lastra: Combine the advancements in virtual reality technology, an entrepreneurial spirit, plus a passion for saving lives; you get Jennifer Lastra. A U.S. Navy Veteran and Co-Founder of 360immersive. When not working to develop a championship team, Jennifer can be found serving on advisory boards with the University of Idaho, the National Safety Council Work to Zero Program, Idaho Veterans Chamber of Commerce, and as a contributing partner of the Campbell Institute. 

Dr. Robin Denise Johnson: Robin Denise Johnson, Ph.D. earned her doctorate in Organizational Behavior at Harvard with an award-winning dissertation on diversity, work-life balance and empowerment. She integrates her research-education with her professional experience in her multicultural leadership development programs. She is an educator, author and coach — working with people managers and leaders in major corporations, non-profits, and academia. Prior to graduate school she worked overseas in international finance with Chase, McDonald’s Corporation, and Lloyds Merchant Bank. 

Joel Lesko: Joel Lesko is a documentary filmmaker who has focused his camera on DEI to create videos and courses to help organizations create inclusive, respectful workplaces. As the founder of SunShower Learning he has created a library of eLearning courses that address what gets in the way of creating a culture of inclusion and teaching strategies for creating effective organizations where talented people of all kinds can feel like they belong.