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Harassment Compliance Agility: Save Time & Money With Off-The-Shelf Learning

Harassment regulations are constantly evolving and vary state to state. The newest requirements enacted in Chicago, IL are just one example of the changing regulatory landscape. Partnering with an off-the-shelf provider for your organization’s harassment training is an easy way to save valuable time and money. 

OpenSesame works with the world’s top content providers, including industry experts for harassment and compliance. Join Ashley Brown, Senior Customer Success Manager, and Amanda Sessions, Senior Curation Specialist (Compliance and Safety), to learn how you can promote efficiency, take the pressure off your learning and development team, and ensure your organization meets all Federal and State requirements, even as they change. The webinar will cover:

  • Courses currently in OpenSesame’s catalog that help our customers maintain compliance

  • How publishers, including Traliant and Syntrio, maintain their team’s compliance and ensure their content is constantly staying up-to-date

  • Examples of specific courses that will address the new Chicago compliance mandate

Jonathan Gonzalez | Senior Legal Counsel, Syntrio

Jon has dedicated his entire sixteen-year career to the practice of labor and employment law exclusively on behalf of management. From the very beginning of his career, he developed a niche in harassment training, as he began working in California shortly after AB1825 made harassment training in that jurisdiction a requirement. After representing the largest hotel properties in the state (and providing live training to their leadership on a routine basis), Jon took his practice national and became a leading provider of harassment training for national corporations (including several Fortune 500 companies).  

After spending years honing his training skills and developing a deep understanding of the need for creating engaging content, (and delivering the message in a unique and thought-provoking fashion), Jon began working for Syntrio in early 2014. Serving as Syntiro’s lead subject-matter expert for the organization’s employment law division as well as its in-house attorney, Jon has had the opportunity to continue delivering live training sessions while working on crafting engaging e-learning content for the organization and its customers. Jon advises the organization on all legal matters and vets all employment-law content published for customer use.

Jon is an expert in the employment laws across the 50 states and US territories, and having worked a national practice for sixteen years keeps his finger on the pulse of legal changes and trends across the country. He uses his vast experience in advising employment law clients and litigating cases to craft creative scenarios and examples that resonate with the user. 

Melonie Robinson|Compliance Product Training Manager, Traliant

Melonie Robinson joined Traliant as Compliance Product Manager in July 2020, making the transition from Traliant customer to Traliant employee.  She has over 20+ years of experience in human resources with 11 of those years focused on HR Compliance. Melonie is very passionate about compliance training and how it can help create a more ethical and respectful workplace. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Management and Organizations from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA. Go Hawks!