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25 Online Resources to Make You a Photoshop Expert

Photoshop is the leading photo editing software on the market, with hundreds of functions and applications. While almost anyone can crop a photo, even the pros take years to master the use of the myriad tools – from color correction to more dramatic editing. In a fast-paced, competitive global business arena, just getting by isn’t good enough. You need to be a Photoshop expert to be competitive in photography, graphic design, art and web design.

You don’t need to take expensive classes, get a second degree or assign half your staff to classroom training to develop your Photoshop skills. There are thousands of courses, resources and experts ready to help you add “Photoshop” to the skills you have access to. Here are the top ten sites where you can find Photoshop training:

  1. Adobe TV – The creators of Adobe Photoshop are experts at their software, and more than happy to share this expertise with their users. The Adobe TV Site has plenty of courses for free. For new users, this is the first place you should go.
  1. Digital Tutors -With over 2,100 in depth courses on all areas of Photoshop, Digital Tutors holds the number 2 spot for best Photoshop training website.
  1. Lynda – A software training giant, Lynda has 140 top of the line Photoshop courses.
  1. PhotoshopCAFE – This site has great step by step tutorials, along with plenty of DVD’s for your Photoshop learning at home.
  1. Udemy – Udemy has a huge variety of photoshop courses from different authors. Learners have the option to decide which course is best for your needs from a variety of course styles and levels of expertise. The course we’ve linked here is just one example of the many courses offered.
  1. The Gnomon Workshop – While the Gnomon Workshop focuses mostly on 3D modeling, the site also offers some great, high-quality Photoshop training videos.
  1. Infinite Skills – With in-depth Photoshop courses taught by well educated professionals who share their knowledge for a price.
  1. OpenSesame – At OpenSesame, we offer 75+ courses on Photoshop. We have an easy to use course preview system, meaning you can get a feel for the course you’re interested in before you make your purchase.
  1. Simon Sez It – Learn Photoship skills in an easy, self-paced way, at an affordable price.
  1. ProPhotoInsights – ProPhotoInsights’ courses take you through the step-by-step process of putting together specific Photoshop creations, so you learn to run through the process of creating and editing an image like the pros.
  1. Total Training – With courses that separate out beginner versus expert learning, you can choose to buy only what you need, rather than learning about the lasso tool for the hundredth time.
  1. Kelby Training – Rather than pay for specific videos, once you pay the year-long membership fee, you will be able to view hundreds of courses, ranging from specific actions to overall Photoshop training.
  1. psd tuts – With wonderful step by step, high quality tutorials, psd tuts is the best beginner to advanced, non-video sites I have seen. They excel because they allow posting from Photoshop professionals who can create more high quality content than many competitor sites.
  1. Planet Photoshop – While these tutorials are not in video format, Planet Photoshop offers wonderful step by step pictures and text that will teach you many Photoshop tips and tricks.
  1. Atomic Training – These courses provide options for both Mac and PC versions, and have interesting commentary on many of the unique Photoshop tools.
  1. Web Design Library – These well laid out, step by step tutorials will lead you through the process of creating specific objects in Photoshop, as well as teach you some basic Photoshop essentials.
  1. You Suck at Photoshop – As you can tell from the name, this is not your run of the mill Photoshop website. Expect to laugh as you learn with these interesting Photoshop videos, and you may find yourself absorbing more than you think.
  1. Good-Tutorials – Good-Tutorials offers a wide variety of courses on many Photoshop creations. They also offer tutorials on many different authoring softwares in addition to Photoshop.
  1. Photoshop Tutorials – This website provides some great step by step tutorials. A great feature of this provider is easy download links for brushes, stock imagery and anything else needed for each tutorial.
  1. PhotoshopStar – PhotoshopStar not only focuses on photo manipulation tutorials, but has some great text effects and website design tutorials as well.
  1. Tutorialized – Tutorialized features a great selection of tutorials, separated into many subsections allowing for simple site navigation. Comments and ratings are helpful in choosing which tutorials to watch as well.
  1. Abduzeedo – This is a beautiful site with great easy to follow tutorials. Abduzeedo has a mix of text and photo editing tutorials, each one unique and fun.
  1. Photoshop Lady – Photoshop Lady boasts a large tutorial resource with more than 1,000 articles. Good sorting features on sidebar to help find the right how-to for you.
  1. Adobe Tutorials – This site features step by step tutorials which help the user learn the tools by using them. Tutorials are easy to follow, and you end up with a great final product.
  1. Tutorial 9 – Long list of photoshop tutorials as well as downloadable brushes, graphics and vectors to enhance your photoshop experience – all available at Tutorial 9.

Did we leave out your preferred Photoshop resource? Let us know in the comments.

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