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Tech Etiquette in the Workplace

From scheduling tools to office instant messaging apps, there’s no denying that we need increasing amounts of technology to make any business run smoothly. The latest tech can help improve your workplace’s productivity and communication, but only if used wisely. To keep your workplace environment constructive and efficient, keep these tips in mind when utilizing both your office’s and your own devices:

  • Avoid phone use when talking to others: When conversing with someone else, do not interrupt the conversation to use your phone. Whether having a casual conversation with your boss in the hall or discussing the latest sales report with a co-worker, answering a call or responding to a text in the middle of a discussion signals to the other person that you are uninterested or not paying attention. If your phone does ring during conversation, it’s respectful and polite to focus on your co-worker, silence the notification, and respond to it later.

  • Silence your phone: During meetings or other important events, your phone should remain on silent, not vibrate. You may not realize that the sound of your phone vibrating from every text, notification, or call can become very distracting to others if it happens often.

  • Use headphones only when appropriate: Listening to music can be a great way to boost your mood and productivity, but limit using headphones and listening to music to solo work time. Not only does it suggest to others that you aren’t listening (even though you may be), wearing headphones while talking to others is disrespectful.

  • Respect reservations: Your office may have reservations to use certain devices or book conference rooms. When using any of these resources, always respect others’ reservations. Make a reservation and check the schedule to make sure you won’t delay an important meeting or inhibit someone else’s work.

  • Be smart about personal calls: Limit your time spent on personal calls at the office. After all, you are there to work. Additionally, be aware of your surroundings. Take calls in a place where you won’t disturb others trying to work and keep your volume to a minimum.

  • Don’t overuse shared resources: For shared technology, such as projectors or computers, please remember to log off when you’re finished. Someone may be waiting to use it, but a quick glance showing someone is already logged in makes them assume it’s being used.

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