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Exploring Aspects of Human Error in Cybersecurity

Organizations rely heavily on secure networks, hardware and software to protect their data from attacks, but many may not realize their biggest risk is actually their untrained employees. Studies show that 88% of data breach incidents are caused by mistakes employees make. Human errors can have widespread effects on your organization and result in significant financial loss when data falls into the wrong hands. 

Cybersecurity awareness is an integral component in keeping organizations secure, yet awareness training is something that many companies fail to prioritize. Even organizations that implement security awareness training sometimes don’t get the expected results because the training is not engaging and memorable. This is why it is critical to implement a program that will deliver relevant and engaging training to employees in order to create real behavior change.

In this webinar, Global Learning Systems’ Vice President Suzanne Gorman discusses:

  • What leads to phishing attacks?
  • What are proper protocols for user access and privileged access?
  • How do you prevent exposure of C-level executives?
  • How do you establish an incident response plan?
  • What security awareness training is necessary to avoid these risks?

Suzanne Gorman, CISSP, CRISC  

Global Learning Systems | Vice President, Information Security and Risk Management Evangelist

Gorman is well-known for designing and implementing comprehensive information security programs with an emphasis on security awareness training. She spent most of her 35+ year career on Wall Street leading large information security teams and has been an active contributor on government councils and advisory committees, at both the state and federal levels. Gorman has served as Chairperson of the Financial Services Information Sharing Analysis Center (FS/ISAC) and ISAC Council and has testified before Congress on “Cybersecurity for The Homeland.” Information Security magazine honored her with a “Women of Vision” award, naming her one of the top 25 most influential women in the information security industry. Network World named Gorman one of “The 50 Most Powerful People in Networking.”