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Made to Stick: Introducing Authentic, Role-Based Simulation Games by Toolwire

According to a recent study, 7 of 10 employers believe that recent college graduates are unprepared in written and oral communication. As companies like yours take matters into your own hands by delivering training programs that address these critical 21st century skills, you are challenged with finding engaging, high quality digital content that can teach, assess, remediate, and measure learning outcomes such as simulations and games. In fact, market research reports predict 22.4% growth in simulations and games over the next five years.

Newly added to the OpenSesame catalog in December 2016, Toolwire, which has delivered over 1 billion minutes of simulation games since 2011, is leading the way in this rapidly growing field. Known as the Toolwire Business Simulation Games. 20 interactive, role-based simulations are now available for the following:

  • Business Communication

  • Business Skills

  • Management

  • Human Resources

  • Business Strategy

Last fall, Toolwire piloted these role-based simulations with over 1,000 college students across 25 campuses with positive results:

  • Instructors (92%) and students (85%) believe that Toolwire simulations make learning more relevant and engaging by enabling opportunities to practice course concepts in authentic workplace settings.

  • Instructors (85%) and students (84%) believe that Toolwire simulations support deeper learning by providing students the opportunity to “learn by doing”.

  • Instructors (96%) and students (90%) found Toolwire simulations easy to use.

These simulation games feature:

  • Interactive, live-action video in authentic workplace settings

  • Dynamic remediation provided by “virtual mentors”

  • Built-in pre and post tests for formative learning assessment

  • Performance analytics that provide quantifiable outcomes related to essential soft-skills

  • Closed-captioning (included to meet Accessibility standards) for serving English Language Learners (ELLs)

  • Short, micro-learning modules, specifically designed with both millennials and busy adult learners in mind, each target 1 or 2 key learning objectives in 15-20 minutes.

Checkout the new Toolwire courses today!

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