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5 simple virtual team building activities

Teams are vital for workplace success. Almost everyone who works, works on a team at some point in their career. Characteristics of a successful team include a sense of belonging, a climate of trust and openness, successful and participative leaders, valuing diversity, the ability to self-correct, creativity, and interdependence. These characteristics can be fostered through team building.

Team building looks very different right now due to COVID-19. People are working on teams with people they may have never met before. Many employees feel isolated due to staying home but team building can be a great way to bring more human interaction into life and work.

Here is a list of activities that are proven to be very effective in team building remotely:

  1. A house tour or peek into each other’s workspace: Employees are used to seeing each other’s desks, personalized with pictures and things that define them. Now employees are all working in different areas and at home. A team member can volunteer to take a video or host a video call showing off their work from home setup and favorite parts about their home. It is a good way to get to know team members better and understand where they are doing their work every day.
  2. Virtual book club: Encourage employees to read with a virtual book club. Find a book that is relevant to the work you’re doing and the company’s values. Each week assign a portion of reading for each session. This will give something common for employees to bond over and encourages socializing and critical thinking.
  3. A “random” Slack channel: Slack is an amazing mode of communication for workers. A random channel is a constant team building activity that creates conversation. People can share things like pictures of their animals or families, stories, quotes and movie recommendations. 
  4. Themed Zoom meetings: Create a theme for your Zoom meetings to bring a little fun into everyday meetings. Ask employees to change their background to their favorite city, have everyone wear a hat, use their favorite coffee mug, or have people come prepared with questions to answer. This gives insight into peoples likes, personalities, and brings a little joy into the workday. 
  5. Share your stay at home bucket list: A bucket list is a list of things that you would love to experience in your life. A bucket list dives deep into a person’s personality, passions and dreams. Create a stay at home bucket list to share the creative things you want to do while spending time inside. A stay at home bucket list shows what people have in common right now and are great conversation starters. 

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