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10 tactics to building a leadership development program

Leadership development boosts employee engagement, closes gaps in the talent pipeline, and reduces the strain and costs associated with turnover. But what does it take to build a leadership development program that makes a lasting impact across the organization?

Join OpenSesame’s training and development experts, Matt Bradley and Alex Hernandez, as they share the 10 foundational pillars that make up a successful program.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • The cornerstones of a successful LD program
  • The OpenSesame way: How an elearning company executes leadership development in our own organization
  • How to build a program that helps shape the culture and strategy of your business

About the Speakers: 

Matt Bradley | Senior Learning and Development Advisor, OpenSesame

Matt has been coaching and advising on talent development for over seven years, with a background in adult education, behavioral psychology, and applied learning. The expertise and coaching offered by Matt is an invaluable resource for all OpenSesame customers. He identifies the most in-demand skills and training programs, leads global teams to sustainable L&D outcomes, increases the value of existing learning programs, and strengthens individuals while viewing every customer interaction as a learning opportunity.

Alex Hernandez | Senior Manager of Community Engagement & Talent Development

Alex (she/her) is a business development manager who specializes in building and running programs, managing teams, recruiting, and developing people in the tech and entertainment sectors. Alex has been at OpenSesame for 9 years where she was hired to build a world-class technical support team. Today, Alex builds and runs programs that further OpenSesame’s vision of a world where EVERYONE can easily access the training (and skills) they need to advance their purpose. She is the key architect in building an amazing people experience at OpenSesame by driving the culture and growth of our people and community through building and supporting world-class programs, recruiting and fostering the best and brightest people for OpenSesame.