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Building a Culture of Coaching in a Remote Workplace

Working from home and hybrid arrangements are now globally prevalent and looking to become the new norm. While productivity has increased, remote work has impacted employee’s ability to build professional relationships and interpersonal skills. Coaching and mentoring opportunities within an organization boost company culture, employee engagement, and retention, but how can managers adjust their approach when employees aren’t physically present?

Leading organizations are switching their focus to virtual coaching. However, in a recent survey from the Brandon Hall Group, only 30% of organizations gave their coaching programs a 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale of effectiveness. Join leaders from UK-based training company Coaching Culture, Jo Wright and Grant Sills, as they share strategies for coaching in a remote world and how organizations can create a culture of coaching in their workplace.  

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • Strategies to foster a culture of coaching while remote
  • De-mystifying coaching
  • How implementing technology can positively impact employee relationships
  • How to make coaching scaleable and how to upskill your leaders and managers so that they can have quality conversations, all of the time.

About the speakers: 

Jo Wright | CEO & Co-founder, Coaching Culture

As CEO and Co-founder of Coaching Culture, Jo aims to inspire organizations to change the way they think about leading and managing. She also serves as Editor of Coaching Culture Magazine, which features exclusive interviews with in-house coaches, industry insights, book reviews and thought-provoking articles covering topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset, Change Readiness, Wellbeing, Imposter Syndrome, Personal Values, Neuroscience and many more.

Favourite coaching quote: “When your mindset changes, everything becomes possible”

Grant Sills | Head of Solutions, Coaching Culture

As Head of Solutions at Coaching Culture, Grant uses his background in the elearning industry to manage partner relationships and create training strategies for their clients. 

Favourite coaching quote: “Feel the fear and do it anyway”

Coaching Culture

More and more organizations are finally recognising the true value of coaching. While growing numbers of businesses are making the effort to enable coaching throughout their business, there’s been a gap for content that approaches coaching as an organizational design piece—until now. 

Coaching Culture makes coaching more approachable and accessible to all. They design, develop, and deliver digital solutions that include their Mindset software, Coaching Lessons e-learning courses, 360 degree feedback, and Employee Engagement tools. Their course library includes powerful courses on communication, coaching for non-coaches, and personal development. 

Coaching Culture is changing the way people think about leading and managing and helping organizations create a place where authentic leaders and managers help people to grow, thrive, and perform through effective conversations and honest feedback underpinned by trust. 

Source: Werder, Claude. “How to Develop Great Coaches and Mentors.” Brandon Hall Group, 13 Aug. 2021.