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Empowering Managers to Become Effective Coaches

As a leader, coaching isn't giving advice, helping or pushing your own agenda. It's about unlocking a person's inner potential and guiding them to find their own solutions. In this webinar, Audrey Cavenecia, Chief Content Officer, veteran coach, and award-winning Podcast Producer for Pete Carroll’s learning company outlines coaching strategies for leaders during challenging times. You'll learn the difference between advice and coaching, the importance of follow up, and how to assign tasks for the best outcomes. After this webinar, you'll be equipped to help others reach their goals through coaching.

You will learn:

  • How to assign simple, doable tasks to enhance confidence

  • The benefits of investing in coaching during uncertain times

  • The importance of transparency and communication in leadership

Audrey Cavenencia | Chief Content Officer, Amplify Voices

Audrey Cavenecia is the Chief Content Officer and Co-producer for Amplify Voices and the co-host alongside Pete Carroll for the Amplify Voices podcast. A talented storyteller and visionary systems thinker, Audrey has decades of experience in leadership development, entertainment production, and content marketing with a focus on championing the humanity in all people. She has worked alongside some of the most influential leaders in the world—including speaker and author Tony Robbins and Oracle founder Larry Ellison—to develop and empower new visionaries as well as build major brands through stories and insights around authentic human connection. No matter the sector, she continues to build bridges between what is and what can be, with storytelling as the scaffolding. She believes stories are the most powerful tools we have to access change, growth, momentum, and compassion. And today, she continues that work alongside Pete Carroll. 

More about Amplify Voices

Bringing entertainment to learning, Amplify Voices is an award-winning educational publishing and production company. Their content bridges entertainment and education, giving people a dynamic learning experience. Originally founded by Pete Carroll, Amplify Voices is now minority-owned, with an invested interest in developing mindful content that illuminates our diverse world which was Carroll's intention. Through varied perspectives of age, gender, ethnicity, and educational backgrounds, they bring a modern view of internal, external, organizational, and world views on timely topics.

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