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*DEC 8* ERGs for Culture and Belonging: Unpacking Employee Resource Groups

Discover what Missy LeDoux, eLearning Development Associate and Neurodiversity ERG leader at OpenSesame, has learned about the role of ERGs in fostering culture and belonging in organizations.

You will learn how to: 

  • Explain how Employee Resource Groups boost employee engagement

  • Identify principles to follow while establishing an ERG program

  • Apply tips to become a more welcoming and effective ERG leader

About the Speaker: 

Missy LeDoux is an eLearning Development Associate at OpenSesame, where she’s worked for over four years across two different teams. She’s collaborated with people on every side of the business, and the through-line of her career has been a desire to help people feel welcomed, supported, and included. Missy began leading the company’s Neurodiversity ERG in 2021, a group dedicated to providing a safe space for those whose brains don’t fit the traditional definition of “normal.” In addition to her work at OpenSesame, she loves art and writing and is a passionate advocate for people-first infrastructure and fighting the causes of climate change.