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Reboot, Recalibrate, and Reinspire for a Healthy 2022

We have all experienced an unprecedented shift in our wellbeing as a result of the pandemic fallout. And for many the mental and emotional pressures are ongoing, and some there are environmental and physical challenges. Everyone’s situation is different, but we can come together to learn some simple strategies to improve our psychological wellbeing and our ability to handle pressure, challenges and change.

In this webinar, psychologist and producer Eve Ash will share 3 key strategies to reboot, recalibrate and reinspire ourselves and our teams.

You will learn:

  • The Land of W – how to find and change what triggers a slump, and reboot
  • A Mountain of Emotions – how to reassess a situation and use critical thinking to recalibrate
  • Vision and Meaning – how to develop our connectedness and visualization skills to reinspire ourselves and our teams to achieve realistic goals.