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The Uncanny Understanding to DEI

In our rapidly changing world, the topic of DEI has shifted over the past decade. While DEI is continuously evolving, it is important to recognize that there is no singular view, and the intentions of DEI can change from country to country. Join Dr. Sudeep Mohandas from The Centre for Global Inclusion as he explores the strange phenomena of the rapidly changing worldview and how, at its core, DEI focuses on what is best for humankind. 

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • The importance of having a global view

  • Insight that not everyone has the same perspective on DEI

  • How DEI goes beyond race, culture, and background

About the Speaker: 

Dr. Sudeep Mohandas | Executive Director, The Centre for Global Inclusion 

Sudeep’s career has covered issues on AIDS, Orphans, Conservation, Cancer, Abused Children, Inter-faith and inter-religious conflicts, social entrepreneurship, and education across the globe. Sudeep had a career span of 14 years working for the WorldWide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Malaysia and Switzerland. His early career was involved in strategic planning, strategizing, operations, and management in Human Resource, Fundraising, Financials, and Projects related to sustainability, relevance, and resilience. He was a social entrepreneur for 6 years focusing on nonprofit management to organizations in Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Indonesia, India , Nepal, England, and Netherlands. Sudeep’s notable achievements during his career have been in winning the National HR Award for best HR Employer in 2002, an editor to the book on Careers in Conservation, as well as an author of three books What Influences the Generation Y to join a Nonprofit Organization? & Nonprofit Management: Trials and Tribulations and Nonprofit Management: Connecting the Dots. His latest book will touch on racism in Asia. Sudeep has a few post graduate degrees, during his working life, from London, Hawaii and Kuala Lumpur. He is an Alumnus of Harvard Business School and is certified as a Professional Facilitator from the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). He served as the Treasurer to the World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL), USA for four years and as a Board Member to Amnesty International Malaysia. He was a volunteer committee member to the International Social Services (ISS)-USA based in Baltimore and is an Adjunct Professor to Towson University teaching conflict management. Currently he is the Executive Director to The Centre for Global Inclusion based in the US. LinkedIn:

The Centre for Global Inclusion

The Centre for Global Inclusion is the leading global inclusion nonprofit that has knowledge and resources across the world, working in the field of education and research in its quest to address diversity, equity and inclusive (DEI) practices. Their goal is to serve as a source for research and education to support those in their quest to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion practices around the world.