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Win-Win Hiring: Hiring for the Anniversary Date, Not the Start Date

To remain competitive in an uncertain economy, top performing organizations are investing in upskilling employees and avoiding costs associated with new hires. One of the most effective cost-saving strategies is hiring employees who are willing to develop new skills and see the job as a long-term career move. To achieve this, your HR and hiring teams need to be equipped with the tools to identify future leaders during the recruiting and interview process, as well as weed out candidates who already have one foot out the door.

In this webinar, Lou Adler, founder of Performance-based Hiring, discusses the importance of hiring people for the long-term rather than trying to fill roles as quickly as possible - and bonus, the money you will save when doing so. He will suggest some important changes to the hiring process, specifically: 

  1. Defining the job as a series of important performance objectives rather than a list of skills, experiences and "must have" traits.

  2. Attracting candidates who are not only competent to do the work at peak levels but who would also see the job as a career move.

  3. Conduct an in-depth performance-based interview to determine competency, fit and motivation. 

  4. Offer jobs that balance the candidates long-term career needs with their short-term compensation requirements.

Lou Adler | Founder of Lou Adler’s Performance-Based Hiring

Lou is the CEO and founder of The Adler Group – a consulting and training firm helping companies implement “Win-Win Hiring” programs using his Performance-based Hiring℠ system for finding and hiring exceptional talent. More than 40 thousand recruiters and hiring managers have attended his ground-breaking workshops over the past 20 years. 

More about Lou Adler’s Performance-Based Hiring

Lou Adler’s Performance-based Hiring™ provides a blueprint for sourcing, interviewing, hiring, and retaining top talent. This unique, six-step process is aimed at finding talent that has a demonstrated ability to perform the job you are hiring for. Unlike traditional approaches to hiring, which seek to match a set of skills to a person, Performance-based Hiring™ starts by defining the real work involved, not skills or experiences. This real work includes the challenges and critical deliverables expected of a top performer. These courses teach this successful hiring methodology through high-quality video instruction aimed at anyone involved in the hiring process: recruiters, HR teams, hiring managers, and those interviewing candidates. Courses provide real-world examples, detailed explanations, reflective activities, and downloadable resources delivered as mobile-first, accessible instruction.