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DEI + Well-Being; The US Surgeon General's Framework for Mental Health and Well-Being in the Workplace

With the ambiguity regarding DEI efforts, and "competing priorities" to address psychological safety and performance of staff, organizations have an opportunity to take an intentional approach to workplace wellness and DEI with the "Framework for Mental Health and Well-Being in the Workplace.”

In this webinar you will learn how to: 

  • Define DEI and context within organizational design

  • Provide an understanding of the depth of DEI as it relates to Well-Being

  • Explore the components of the framework and key opportunities for DEI

About the Speaker

Dr. Kerriann M. Peart

Born and raised on the island of Jamaica, Dr. Kerriann M. Peart has followed her passion for public service through her educational and professional pursuits. Peart completed her Master’s in Global Health Communication at the Milken Institute School of Public Health at The George Washington University. With her efforts working intentionally at the intersections of health, well-being, organizational culture and design, employee safety and development, Dr. Peart is known as a junctional thinker as she tackles issues through a culturally informed lens. With this sensibility, she has been sought after to speak on and develop strategies concerning workplace culture, building and supporting diverse and dynamic teams and sustainable practice. Dr. Peart now lives in the Fort Lauderdale area, where she is currently engaged in coaching-consulting efforts through her consulting practice, lending her skills and expertise in equity, diversity and inclusion to develop and strengthen organization function and capacities, given her personal and professional experience with workplace culture and design. 

About Peart Consulting

Welcome to Peart Consulting, LLC, a coaching and consulting company that leverages the assets of culture, identity, and well-being to empower professionals in their practice. Our mission is to equip individuals in the workplace to tap into their authentic identity and become more than just an employee but a true professional. We believe that a professional's well-being and identity are integral to their success in the workplace. Our accessible and contextually refined coaching and consulting services are designed to support empowered professionals working at the intersections of organizational design, workforce assets, identity, health, and culture.