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The DEI Leap: Putting DEI into practice in the healthcare industry

Get up close and personal with Lisette Martinez, an award-winning DEI executive, as she shares her best practices and lessons learned.  Martinez is the Executive Vice President for Inclusion, Diversity & Community Engagement for Jefferson Health, and she’s been recognized as a Top Diversity Leader by Modern Healthcare.  In this session, she will cover practical tips to effect true change for the betterment of health care employees and patients, and also introduce her new eLearning course, DEI Leap: Turn Intention into Action to the OpenSesame community.

In this webinar you will learn how to: 

  • Understand the critical nature of DEI in the healthcare industry and the opportunities to drive positive outcomes for employees and patients

  • Operationalize DEI and elevate it from a requisite set of promises to an authentic commitment that drives purposeful change

  • Recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion education to help people get past the fears, insecurities and discomfort that they experience when exploring their own biases

About the Speaker: 

Lisette Martinez | Thomas Jefferson University & Jefferson Health

Lisette Martinez is the Executive Vice President for Inclusion, Diversity & Community Engagement at Thomas Jefferson University & Jefferson Health, where she leads initiatives to ensure excellence in education, research, and patient care. Since May 2020, she has developed the first comprehensive strategic plan for diversity in the institution’s 196-year history, including a 30% goal for diversity in leadership, dialogue-building initiatives, resource centers, professional development, and a supplier mentorship program. Lisette works closely with community organizations and government agencies to ensure that all parts of Jefferson reflect the diverse cultures it serves. She has received numerous awards for her leadership, including the SEAT 21 award by Major League Baseball, and is fluent in Spanish.

About SunShower:

With over 30 years of experience, SunShower creates award-winning content that teaches learners proven strategies and skills for creating a more welcoming and effective workplace. Their breakthrough work is about inclusion and respect, defining the challenges, outlining solutions, and demonstrating how to implement anti-bias catalyst activities that can impact everyone. Their products have been used by thousands of corporations, schools, governments, and other organizations.