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Prepare to Meet SB 553, California’s New Workplace Violence Prevention Law

Have you heard? In a new precedent for workplace safety across the U.S., California has introduced Senate Bill No. 553 (SB 553). The state was already known for its comprehensive compliance training requirements, but its new legislation on workplace violence prevention is a critical development that every employer and HR professional needs to understand: It’s the first wide-sweeping, general industry law to require workplace violence prevention training to nearly every employer in the state. 

Let’s break down the essentials of SB 553 and its impact on your organization, then look at how current and upcoming OpenSesame Plus courses will help you meet these new training mandates effectively.

What SB 553 means for your organization

SB 553 mandates that nearly every employer in California provides  Workplace Violence Prevention Plan training to employees by July 1, 2024. This requirement is meant to ensure a safer work environment and foster a culture of awareness and preparedness.

While providing training is one of the key compliance pieces, it’s not the only action you need to take. The legislation also requires organizations to:

  • Provide a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan to employees
  • Provide additional training when new/unrecognized hazards are identified or when changes are made to the plan
  • Maintain training records
  • Maintain an incident log

You can read the bill in full for more details on each of these requirements.

Courses to meet SB 553 training requirements

To help you stay compliant with SB 553, we’ve curated a list of new courses specifically designed to meet the law’s training component. And we’ll continue to update this list as more publishers develop courses to meet the requirement. A few key points about these materials:

  • Complete training coverage. Our courses are developed to cover a broad spectrum of scenarios, including reporting, intervention, de-escalation techniques and  active shooter situations for a comprehensive approach to workplace violence prevention.
  • Multilingual and accessible. Recognizing the diverse workforce in California, select courses will be available in both English and Spanish, making vital training accessible to a wider audience.

These courses address the training component of SB 553 and serve as a significant step towards compliance and workplace safety.

As we approach the July 1, 2024, deadline, the importance of timely compliance cannot be overstated. With SB 553, California continues to lead the way in employee safety and well-being. But rest assured, we’re here to ensure, your organization can navigate these new requirements with confidence, ensuring a safer workplace for all.

And if you want to get into the weeds, check out the recording of our webinar, Adapt to Changing Compliance Regulations: A Deep Dive into California’s New Workplace Violence Training Requirement, where our panel of seasoned compliance specialists provides valuable strategies to effectively adapt to California’s new mandate, as well as evolving mandates in the future, too. 

Or get a jump on finding SB 553 courses with our curated list.

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