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Burnout In Leadership: What It Does & How To Avoid It

Employers are fighting to keep their employees happy and healthy, but are they doing the same for themselves? 

Managing the day-to-day challenges of a remote workforce, while watching your best employees leave, is a recipe for stress and anxiety. As a leader, you feel the responsibility to serve, support with positivity, and have answers to all uncertainties. Contrary to popular belief, the stress in leadership is often highly addictive, so much so that leaders fail to understand they’re even experiencing it. But even if your mind refuses to acknowledge it, your body at some point does. 

In this webinar, Amplify Voices Award-Winning Chief Content Officer Audrey Cavenecia will talk about experiencing high levels of unidentified stress herself, how it changed her perspective of work and life, and how it taught her to feel her inner self more. She will walk you through various examples and experiments to teach you the good and bad aspects of stress and how to train your mind to handle it the way it should.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to leverage your body’s stress mechanism to enhance your performance as a leader
  • Why leadership is a high-pressure job and is more demanding than is thought about commonly
  • Why women experience stress differently than men and why it’s hard to identify when you’re going through it
  • The psychological disorders resulting from high-stress conditions and why it’s observed more in women than men

“Around leadership, many of us experience this sort of heightened aggression, to be in control, to force a result, a self-flagellation, we’re just really, really hard on ourselves.”

Audrey Cavenecia 

More about Audrey:

Audrey Cavenecia is the Chief Content Officer and Co-producer for Amplify Voices and the co-host alongside Pete Carroll for the Amplify Voices podcast. A talented storyteller and visionary systems thinker, Audrey has decades of experience in leadership development, entertainment production, and content marketing with a focus on championing the humanity in all people. She has worked alongside some of the most influential leaders in the world—including speaker and author Tony Robbins and Oracle founder Larry Ellison—to develop and empower new visionaries as well as build major brands through stories and insights around authentic human connection. No matter the sector, she continues to build bridges between what is and what can be, with storytelling as the scaffolding. She believes stories are the most powerful tools we have to access change, growth, momentum, and compassion. And today, she continues that work alongside Pete Carroll. “Pete’s legacy of historic performance without compromise to humanity,” she says, “is the example we need to shine a light at this time in history.” Her vision for Amplify Voices: to amplify as many voices as possible that embody highly successful, caring leaders. Audrey was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and was a transplant to Seattle via Venice Beach. She enjoys her personal time with her three xoloitzcuintles and exchanging stories via Instagram DM with her son Christian. Not to mention her total obsession with her big-bold-all-natural hair.

More about Amplify Voices:

​​Amplify Voices is an award-winning media company founded by NFL coach Pete Carroll. We amplify diverse points of view that bridge people together through caring. Our content focuses on leadership, diversity, self-care, and belonging.

Amplify Voices is dedicated to championing diverse and caring voices. From its pilot home base at Industrious in Seattle, it produces podcasts, live events, social media campaigns, documentaries, and more, aiming to lift up and inspire as many people as possible — and show how compassion, caring, and humility can be integral to leadership, performance, and success. Using the power of storytelling, authentic community, and intimate conversations that feature vulnerability as well as strength, Amplify Voices wants to help transform the way we lead and live: with our hearts instead of our heads. No matter the medium, Amplify Voices will keep partnering with—and handing a microphone to — those individuals and organizations who are dreaming of and actively creating a more loving future for us all.