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DEI: Inclusive and Engaging Virtual Meetings

Are you suffering from virtual meeting fatigue? Do you want to lead inclusive and engaging virtual meetings? This session will show you the key secrets to having your meeting participants say, “I have more energy (rather than less) after a 45 minutes meeting with you!”. Help your team communicate effectively, easily complete work, and raise morale when you can’t be in the same room. 

An engaging virtual meeting is inclusive. In a case of inclusivity and technology, this meeting will be simulcast in Spanish using Zoom’s language interpretation feature. In addition, this program will have American Sign Language support. This program requires 2 Spanish interpreters and 2 sign language interpreters as real time interpreting is so intense that they need to switch off every 20 minutes. Join to see how this inclusivity works in the virtual world and how you can easily make your next meeting even more inclusive.

You will learn the 6-step ENGAGE method to solve your virtual meeting challenges, which includes strategies on how to: 

  • Look good with a powerful virtual presence
  • Avoid attendees talking over each other
  • Engage everyone while one person is talking
  • Use virtual tools to get work done productively  
  • Powerfully close your meeting and take steps to make your next meeting even more engaging
  • Be more inclusive in the virtual meeting space

About the speaker: John Chen | CEO of Engaging Virtual Meetings, Author, Producer, Speaker

John Chen is the author of the #1 Amazon Hot New Book Release, Engaging Virtual Meetings and designs and produces virtual meetings around the world. With 35 years of experience, he has worked with thousands of companies from Barcelona, Taiwan, Shanghai, Saudi Arabia, and America. John has expertly created engaging and inclusive global sessions, including an event that featured eight different languages. He has produced over 4,000 online gatherings, designed, spoken at, and MC’d virtual meetings around the world.